Tips to socialize in a foreign country

Knowing new places and cultures is always an enriching experience, but,, when living in a totally unknown place, it may be difficult to start relating with native inhabitants. However, you just need to leave shyness and start a conversation with somebody as in home. To make this process easier, we give you some tips to socialize in a foreign country.

Search for nationals

First of all, you could go to your country’s embassy and ask for some places that are frequently visited by your nationals, or search them directly on the Internet. Meeting with people who share your cultural habits is a good way to reduce the shock of living in a foreign country.

Learn the official language

The key to start a new relationship is to understand each other. Take some lessons of the official language spoken in your new country in order to have enough communicative skills to have a fluent conversation with native inhabitants.

Participate in group activities

Sport clubs or social centers are excellent options to meet people with similar interests as yours. It does not matter that you do not have proficiency in the foreign country’s language, sometimes, you just need to have something in common with somebody to start a brief talk with them.

Assist to some casual meeting places

Depending on your preferences, you could go to a cafeteria, bar or library and have a nice conversation with somebody. You would probably think that people may feel bothered if you speak to them without knowing them, but it is common that individuals get interested in having contact with foreigners.

Take every opportunity to go out with others

Either you colleagues or neighbours ask you to go out with them, never reject any opportunity to do it (at least in the first months). This will help you both to strengthen your relationship and to know more about the best spots in the surroundings. If you have some children, take them with you too.

When the main purpose of living in a foreign country is to stay at your job, you should never forget to leave some time for making new friends. Thus, the homesickness feeling will be reduced as you are integrating with native inhabitants. If you are travelling with your spouse, you may need some help so that he/she does not feel lonely while you are working.

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