Moving abroad with your family..

The enterprise where you work needs to share its expertise with its affiliated company located in a foreign country. You have been chosen to execute this mission by living some years in a completely unknown place. This may be a great challenge, but if you consider some issues before leaving your home, moving abroad with your family may be easier and rewarding at last.

Learn the official language
Depending on the time you have before you move abroad, you and your family should take some lessons about the official language spoken in the foreign country you are going to live in. This will facilitate the socialization with native people not only to build the sense of home in this new place, but also to feel comfortable when moving around the city.

Read about the foreign country’s culture
Buy some books or read in the Internet about the foreign country’s history and culture. Knowing more about the social habits and nowadays socio-economic conditions will give you enough information to adapt yourselves to the new environment. Some things may seem weird or extravagant, but try not to judge foreigners’ way of life.

Prepare the necessary documents on time
Go through all the necessary formalities to live legally in that foreign country. Check out if you need to apply for a visa or if you need to ask for translations or homologated versions of your official documents. This is especially important to register your children in a foreign school or if you want to take a postgraduate course there.

Take with you only the essentials
Pack only suitable clothes to the weather conditions of the city you are going to live in. If your furniture is not essential, think about acquiring new one until you arrive the other country. This will amazingly reduce your transportation costs when leaving home. Are you taking some pets with you? Check out how much do you have to pay the airline to travel with them.

Talk with your family about the changes coming
Moving to a different country and leaving your house and your beloved ones behind is certainly a difficult process, especially for your children. Talk with your family taking an empathic attitude so that you can understand their concerns and assertively express the benefits of making this travel. A good communication is the basis of a healthy relationship.

To help you in the adaptation process to that foreign country, ask your company to hire Intercultural Training from SRS Relocation Services. We help you and your family to learn traditions and values of the foreign culture which you are getting in touch with, so that you can comfortably enjoy your life abroad. Contact us today and let us make your experience unforgettable.