Policy Consulting: the best assistance to send your employees abroad

Each decision you make about your company will impact the development of your business in short or long term. If you have decided to merge your enterprise with a foreign one or to send some of your employees abroad, you should know that there are some legal procedures you have to consider to let your international expansion continue.

For example, in order to keep your assignees working legally in another country, you have to decide whether you are paying them in national or foreign currencies, and if you are giving them a public or private health insurance. Moreover, it is essential to establish a contract in accordance with the specific foreign labor laws.

In the case you are thinking of buying a company outside your country of origin to install your offices there, you need to know and make all the required formalities to operate in foreign land with no trouble. This implies not only issues like keeping your business name the same or not, but also to have your financial reports in order to the respective tax authorities.

Do you want help with that? SRS Relocations Services offers you Policy Consulting to assist you with the necessary legal procedures you have to make in order to take an employee or your whole enterprise to a foreign country. We develop specific strategies to develop your human capital and your business out-borders, both minimizing costs and increasing team satisfaction.

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