Why to live in Mexico City?

Mexico City is one of the biggest cities all around the world. The cultural center of mexican culture lays here in a wide variety of historical, artistic and gastronomic expressions. Apart from having an enviable weather, Mexico City is also known for its people’s kindness and its high commercial activity. Know more about this place in order to consider a long-term stay here.

Warm people

Mexican people is well-known for being kind and helpful. It does not matter that they have not met you yet; if you have some problem, Mexico City’s inhabitants will support you. To have a better interaction with citizens, you should have proficiency in spanish language.

Exquisite food

Commonly, Mexican food is thought as spicy, but national cuisine also combines sweet and sour flavors. Chilaquiles, tacos al pastor and mole are some unforgettable dishes which are better accompanied by a glass of tequila, pulque or tepache.

Warm weather all year long

Mexico City is also known as Mexico’s Valley. Its geographical location allows this big city to have an enjoyable weather all year long. The average temperature is about 16°C, with a maximum of 25°C in spring and a minimum of 5°C in winter.

Everyday entertainment

Sometimes it seems that nobody has a rest ever in Mexico City. Every day of the week you will know about concerts, cultural events, festivals or fairs to enjoy with your family. There are so much things to do in Mexico’s heart for any kind of lifestyle.

Cultural capital

A wide range of cultural enclosures are found in Mexico City. Visit the Templo Mayor Museum in Downtown and the National Museum of Anthropology and History to know more about prehispanic civilizations. In the Fine Arts Palace and the National Auditorium you will see the most interesting art collections and the best performing and musical spectacles.

High educative level

Mexico’s heart is also famous for having the most important higher education institutes of the country. In the south of the city, you will find the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which is catalogued as one of the best professional schools in Latin America.

Green and centric city

The centric location of Mexico City facilitates your transportation either you need to move outside or inside the city. In order to protect the environment, green transports such as Metrobus and EcoBici are available at low cost. Moreover, if you and your family require to go to any region of the country, the International Airport of Mexico City has several options to fly away.

Intense commercial activity

The central offices in Latin America of the most important transnational corporations are located in Mexico City. If you work at food, automotive or pharmaceutical industry, and you wish to experience latin american culture, you should come and live here for a while.

As you could notice, Mexico City is an attractive place to develop your and your employees professional skills. Being one of the most important business destinies of the region, Mexico’s capital could be the option to expand or diversificate your enterprise’s scope.

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