Departure Package, the easiest way to go back home

Your job in some foreign country has ended. You have certainly learned a lot of things and have also made some good partners. However, it is time to go back home and there are too much things to prepare before leaving. Despite needing some effort, departure should be an easy experience, not something that makes you suffer.

First of all, you have to announce the lease termination so that you set the date of the last payment you are going to make for living there. Then, you need to pack everything: clothes, tableware, furniture, electronic devices. Finally, you have to clean and paint each room, and, if necessary, repair some installations in order to return your house in excellent conditions.

It is important that you make a plan to have enough time to do all those things. To help you in this process, SRS Relocation Services Mexico offers you the Departure Package, which facilitates your return to your country of origin. We take charge of all the documents, acts and agreements so that you can go back home without worrying about it.

If you want to, we can also take charge of the coordination of furniture removal, house cleaning and repairing services. If you want to support your assignee in going back home, please contact us. SRS Relocation Services Mexico specializes in giving the most efficient transnational moving-out assistance worldwide.