8 steps to success in a new job at a new country

A change of work always represents a whole set of challenges, furthermore if you move abroad to take it. However, there are a few tasks that you can make in order to facilitate your adaptation to the new situation. You will be surprised by your own ability to embrace the change.

1. Keep your papers in order

There’s nothing more stressful than having problems with your documents in a foreign country, so be sure to obtain all the visas, permits, renewals required for traveling, living and working in the place that you are about to move to.

2. Locate the workplace

It could seem very simple, but locate your workplace ahead on time could make the difference between a successful or a disastrous first day of work. Once you are installed in your new house, check the routes to your workplace, and go over the easiest. Measure the time and consider an extra minutes for any delay. One more thing: contact the person that will introduce you with your coworkers to let her know that you are ready to start.

3. Discuss your tasks

Maybe you had a briefing about your role in the new company. Yet, clarify all your particular tasks with your superiors in such a way that you won’t misunderstand any of your responsibilities. Then follow the next step.

4. Understand the workflow

Who are the people you will work with? Which departments does your work depend on? Where are deadlines stipulated? Answer these questions as you get used to your new job, and don’t be afraid to ask your coworkers for any help you may need.

5. Identify the technical vocabulary

Well, you won’t have any difficulties with this point, as long as you are used to the technical terms of your area in the local language. However, there may be some particular words from your workplace, so listen carefully the way they call some concepts or processes. If necessary, clarify your conclusions with your interlocutors.

6. Familiarize with the software

If the software you need to use to do your work  is new or displays in a different language, take some time to familiarize with the interface and menus to insure you don’t miss any tool you will need in the future.

7. Get the details

Often, the emotion and tons of new things to learn the first days of work leave out the details, as the work schedule, mealtimes, benefits and services to which employees are entitled. Besides, check the most current emergencies of the area and learn to be ready to follow the right procedures.

8. Learn the code of conduct

Finally, consider that each organization has a code of conduct, as well as company rules.  Remember it’s your duty to follow them, despite the fact that you are a foreigner. Do not forget that you’re now in a different culture, and there are new codes you need to learn to achieve a good social harmony.

Once you followed these steps, just let your talent and experience work for you. We are sure that you will succeed in this new stage of your career.